Case Studies

How Hotjar Reduced Data Infrastructure Costs by 3x with Monte Carlo

To supplement data testing, Hotjar’s data engineering team chose to implement Monte Carlo for end-to-end data observability, monitoring, and field-level…

How PagerDuty Applies DevOps Best Practices to Achieve More Reliable Data at Scale

Here’s how the company pioneering DevOps handles data incident response at scale through end-to-end data observability.

How The Farmer’s Dog Achieved Rapid ML-Based Anomaly Detection with Monte Carlo

Learn how The Farmer's Dog achieved fully automated anomaly detection out-of-the-box with Monte Carlo.

Kolibri Games’ 5-Year Journey to Building a Data-Driven Company

One startup's lessons learned learned building a data mesh—and distributed data team—from scratch.

Scaling Data Trust: How Auto Trader Migrated to a Decentralized Data Platform with Monte Carlo

With Data Observability, Auto Trader scaled data trust and ownership across their self-service data platform.

How Optoro Builds Data Trust – and Ownership – at Scale with Monte Carlo

Logistics leader Optoro saves 44 hours per week with end-to-end Data Observability.

Case Study: How Mindbody Achieves End-to-End Data Trust with Monte Carlo

Here's how Mindbody leverages Monte Carlo to achieve end-to-end data trust and more reliable data pipelines.

How AutoTrader built a more reliable data platform with Monte Carlo

Here's how Ed Kent, Principal Developer at Auto Trader UK, is scaling his team's data platform with reliability and trust…

How Resident Reduced Data Issues by 90% with Monte Carlo

With Data Observability, the Data Engineering team at Resident reduced their data downtime by 90% percent.

[VIDEO] How Resident Drives Data Observability with Monte Carlo

When it comes to trusting your data, having end-to-end Data Observability across your stack is critical. Daniel Rimon, Head of…

Data Observability: How Blinkist Prevents Broken Data Pipelines at Scale with Monte Carlo

Here’s how the data engineering team at Blinkist, a book-summarizing subscription service, saves 120 hours per week and increases revenue…

[VIDEO] How Yotpo Drives Data Observability with Monte Carlo

For Yotpo, a leading e-commerce marketing platform, data downtime led to sleepless nights, costly fire drills, and unreliable analytics dashboards.

[VIDEO] How Blinkist Increases Marketing ROI with Data Observability and Monte Carlo

For Blinkist, a global book insights subscription service, broken data pipelines led to unreliable marketing spend, costly data fire drills,…

Data Observability: How Yotpo Fixes Data Quality at Scale with Monte Carlo

Here's how the Yotpo leverages Data Observability to prevent broken analytics dashboards and increase trust in their data.

How Compass is Reinventing Real Estate with Data Reliability in the Cloud

Learn how Compass leverages data observability to increase cost savings, facilitate better collaboration, and achieve data reliability in the cloud…

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[Announcing O'Reilly's Early Release]