Data Discovery

Stop Treating Your Data Engineer Like A Data Catalog

How to build a data certification program so everyone knows what to expect and what data to trust.

What in the World is Going on with Data Catalogs?

Data catalogs are having an identity crisis. Here’s why.

5 Reasons Data Discovery Platforms Are Best For Data Lakes

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Metadata is Useless  — Unless You Have a Use Case

Here's why having metadata and lineage without a clear business application is worse than having no metadata at all.

Data Catalogs Are Dead; Long Live Data Discovery

Data catalogs aren't cutting it any more when it comes to metadata management and data governance. Here's how data discovery…

How to Solve the “You’re Using THAT Table?!” Problem

How to keep track of your data warehouse's most critical table and reports…

What We Got Wrong About Data Governance

And how we can make it right.

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