Data warehouse migrations.

Migrate to your new cloud data warehouse, lake, or lakehouse with confidence in the integrity and reliability of your critical data assets.

Why data teams choose Monte Carlo to support their cloud migrations.

Ensure data reliability from day one.

Confirm tables migrate successfully to new environments, and that this migration is reflected in downstream assets.

Accelerate data platform adoption.

Ensure your consumers adopt new software by producing data that they can trust.

De-risk your data and ML investments.

With reliable data and faster adoption, your team can demonstrate return on your migration investment.

Migrating to the cloud?

Whether you’re migrating to a new warehouse, lake, or lakehouse, onboarding a new BI tool, or deploying a new orchestration tool, Monte Carlo can help ensure data reliability from the start.

Automate data quality monitoring for your old and new environments.

Monte Carlo monitors every table for freshness, volume, and schema changes in both environments, enabling your team to focus their energy on your most critical assets.

Scale end-to-end data quality coverage.

Monte Carlo’s data incident detection, resolution, and prevention capabilities ensure data trust at each stage of your migration.

Understand downstream dependencies.

Leverage table- and field-level lineage to understand what is impacted downstream to plan your migration without disrupting your data consumers.

Identify your most critical assets.

Monte Carlo automatically identifies your most important data assets based on utilization and dependencies so your team can identify which tables to migrate to save time and cost.

“Why do we care about data observability? As we’re migrating trusted on-premise solutions to the cloud, the users of those systems have to trust that these new cloud-based technologies are as trustworthy as the systems of the past.”

Edward Kent Principal Developer, Data Engineering