Deliver reports and dashboards your company trusts.

Generate insights that your analytics teams, stakeholders, and executives will actually want to use.

Why data teams trust Monte Carlo to build trust with the business.

Prioritize incidents that matter.

Monte Carlo automatically identifies impacted data consumers, and BI reports and dashboards for every incident.

Map relationships between tables and reports.

Monte Carlo equips teams with table and field-level lineage to help them understand the relationship between upstream tables and downstream reports.

Drive stakeholder trust.

Proactively notify your data consumers when data quality issues arise and auto let them know when incidents have been resolved.

Data your organization can trust.

Automated data quality coverage across your production tables ensures that stakeholders have reliable data – and data teams have peace of mind.

Gain valuable table usage metrics.

Understand who – and how – your company’s data is being used to better understand what data matters most to the business.

Triage and fix broken reports—quickly.

Ensure your team is the first to know when dashboards break so you can communicate impact, root cause, and fix the issue.

Achieve data trust, proactively.

Leverage Monte Carlo’s catalog view to evaluate downstream dependencies before making field, table, or schema changes that might impact downstream users.

Identify critical BI assets.

Monte Carlo automatically identifies the most utilized BI views and dashboards in your organization to help your team ensure that they’re reliable and performant around the clock.

“With Monte Carlo, we know exactly what to update when there’s a change in our data, so there’s no downtime and no fire drills. Our decision makers are happier.”

Yoav Kamin Director of Business

“Our team can automatically and seamlessly connect the dots between upstream field changes in our Snowflake data warehouse to downstream reports and dashboards in Looker. It’s been a game changer for our team.”

Pamela Dalal Head of Data