Build data-driven products your customers can trust.

Ensure consumer-facing dashboards and platforms are reliable at scale.

Why teams choose Monte Carlo to prevent customer churn with reliable data products.

Increase data uptime.

Monte Carlo’s data observability platform was built to ensure your data products are available and performant.

Detect incidents before your customers do.

Seamlessly embed Monte Carlo within your existing workflows and reduce time-to-detection and time-to-resolution for data incidents.

Make your data engineers more productive.

Monte Carlo can help recover 30-50% of your data engineering capacity to reallocate to revenue-generating roadmap initiatives, like building and launching new products.

Data that your customers can rely on.

Build and maintain data products and personalized experiences that your customers can trust.

Govern data products.

Assign critical data assets to domains and assign owners to notify when data incidents occur so they can be resolved quickly before they impact your customers.

Resolve data incidents quickly.

Monte Carlo equips data teams with the rich context they need, including end-to-end, field-level lineage, to enable rapid triage and troubleshooting, drastically reducing time to resolution and building trust with customers.

Reliable data products require end-to-end data observability.


Out-of-the-box coverage across all your data tables, opt-in monitors for key assets, and Monitors as Code.


Empower your data teams to resolve customer-facing incidents.


Data health insights enable your team to proactively scale quality coverage as your product evolves.

“Monte Carlo has notified us of bugs in our product because they notified us when data wasn’t being refreshed.”

Pablo Recio Data Engineer

“I definitely think the things we were able to do—in terms of data observability and bringing transparency into data operations—improved how we target our audience and channels.”

Gopi Krishnamurthy Director of Engineering