Manage data infrastructure costs with ease.

Monte Carlo gives you the data health insights required to bring down storage and compute costs.

Optimize data storage and compute.

With end-to-end observability, Monte Carlo equips your team with on-demand data health insights to optimize storage and compute.

Avoid costly data backfills.

Automatically stop Airflow DAGs and other transformation jobs as soon as an error occurs with Monte Carlo’s circuit breakers.

Reduce compute costs.

Automatically identify high consumption and deteriorating queries to help your team reduce your compute bill.

On-demand data health insights.

With end-to-end visibility, Monte Carlo helps your team ensure comprehensive data reliability coverage with monitor recommendations, and manage compute and storage costs by letting you know which fields, tables, and queries are unused or inefficient.

That’s the beauty of Monte Carlo because it allows us to see who is using data and where it is being consumed. We can now free up our processing time from unused data elements which were no longer relevant.”

Valerie Rogoff Director of Analytics Data Architecture

End-to-end data observability.

Anomaly detection.

Pipeline health coverage across all your production tables and data quality monitors for your most critical assets.

Incident resolution.

Automated troubleshooting to resolve data incidents and anomalies as soon as they occur.

Proactive data reliability.

Data health insights enable your team to proactively ensure data quality and make better infrastructure investment decisions.