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We are a remote-first team.

At Monte Carlo we believe in building our company around great talent, not the other way around. This is why we are a remote-first organization, with team members based around the globe.

We don’t feel that you need to go to an office every day to have impact, but we do want our team members to have options! We have offices around the world, as well as a generous travel policy to allow you to visit any of our locations around the globe and collaborate with teams in person.

Meet the Monte Carlo team.

“One of our values is, “Measure in minutes.” There is no time to waste on initiatives that won’t move the needle. I joined in June 2021 and since, so much has changed - in a good way! Because we’ve measured in minutes and I’ve loved every one of them!”

Cassie Quan Global Office and Culture Manager

"My team helps pre and post Sales orgs, and so we are in a unique position to see the total customer experience and help at every stage, which teaches me a lot every day and allows me ample opportunity to influence their success!"

Katie Noonan Head of Support Engineering

“Everything at MC is incredibly fast-paced - and the work we’re doing is that much more exciting when you feel the entire company is aligned.”

Kelly Lyons Outbound SDR Manager

Our values.

Customer impact

Make an impact on our customers with our team, brand, product. We work to ensure every interaction creates value and happiness.

Measure in minutes

Time is our most important asset. We act with urgency, in a thoughtful and decisive manner.

Ship and iterate

We have high expectations. We accomplish through constant iteration and improvement, but we honor our imperfections.

Beat the odds

If we haven’t failed or heard “no”, we didn’t try hard enough. We set ambitious goals and beat them.

Have fun

We stay positive, even when things are difficult. We win as a team, and we act in a way that makes us proud of the journey.

“We’re defining a category as we speak. We wouldn’t be half as successful without our forward-looking customers, and a top-notch team to turn their ideas into reality.”

Shohei Narron Sales Engineering Team Lead

Awards & Recognition