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Data stack


  • Strict industry compliance regulations for accuracy of data used in reporting could lead to a potential compliance breach.
  • Varied data sources ranging from 3rd party files and applications, combined with a large data stack, leads to difficulty in seeing what’s happening.
  • Visibility into customer-facing data quality issues may lead to a poor customer experience.


  • Integration with Snowflake and Tableau to understand issues, including impacted dashboards.
  • Automated monitoring to scale across their large data volumes, including future tables.
  • Custom data quality thresholds for specialized testing and data load processes.

“Dirty data is a landmark of healthcare analytics, and the work we do revolves around cleaning and making sense of this data to put it into one repository. Combined with Snowflake’s powerful Data Cloud and Monte Carlo’s Data Observability Platform, we can resolve these problems before they reach the business. My executives are happy and I can trust our data.”

Jacob Follis VP of Analytics and Digital Transformation

Use cases for life sciences.

Avoid costly research errors.

Avoid wasting time, money, and resources on research fueled by inaccurate data.

Find gaps in manufacturing processes.

Ensure inventory and order fulfillment data is up-to-date and accurate.

Scale data operations confidently.

Ensure data quality coverage can meet growing data volumes and evolving use cases.

Use cases for healthcare providers.

Ensure regulatory compliance.

Only pass clean, accurate data to your patients to avoid costly fines and protect your image.

Reduce patient churn.

Prevent unpleasant patient experiences and churn by keeping data up-to-date and available.

Maximize the potential of your data infrastructure.

Make the most of your cloud data warehouse or lake migration with end-to-end visibility and full data quality coverage.

Out-of-the-box coverage across all your data tables, opt-in monitors for key assets, and monitors-as-code.

Don’t just sound the alarm when data incidents occur. Empower your data teams to resolve incidents in minutes.

Rich insights enable your team to proactively ensure data quality, and make better infrastructure investment decisions.