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#1 Data Observability Platform

Monte Carlo’s Data Observability Platform reduces time and resources spent on data quality.

Easy to get started with

Get up and running with ML-powered monitors for freshness, volume, and schema changes, and end-to-end lineage out of the box.

Resolve data quality issues faster

Empower your data team to identify, triage, and resolve data issues faster with a comprehensive, centralized incident resolution toolkit.

Trust your data.

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The Leader in Data Observability

Leading teams are maximizing the value of their data stacks with data observability.

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End-to-end coverage, instantly

End-to-end coverage, instantly

Monte Carlo can be deployed in minutes, and immediately notifies specific data team owners as soon as data incidents occur.

Trusted data teams

Trusted data teams

In addition to data team owners, Monte Carlo notifies downstream users when data issues occur to prevent the use of critical dashboards until an incident is resolved.

Secure & efficient deployments

Secure & efficient deployments

Monte Carlo is SOC 2 Type 2 certified and monitors data at-rest, limiting compute cost by extracting only metadata, query logs, and aggregated statistics.

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