Data Observability

Now Available: O’Reilly Data Quality Fundamentals, Chapter 3

Available today, Chapter 3 of O'Reilly's Data Quality Fundamentals outlines the tools and techniques necessary to build more resilient data…

Monte Carlo Announces dbt Core Integration to Help Companies Ship Reliable Data Faster

When it comes to achieving reliable data, Monte Carlo, the leading data observability platform and dbt, the data build tool,…

Data Observability: How Clearcover Increased Quality Coverage for ELT by 70 Percent

Learn how the data engineering team at Clearcover increased data quality coverage across their stack by 70 percent with Monte…

Reflections on tech, trust, and data adoption

A few quick thoughts on why trust, and not technology, is stopping today's leader's from driving adoption and impact with…

How to Achieve More Trustworthy Data Pipelines with the Prefect Integration for Monte Carlo

With Monte Carlo and Prefect’s strategic partnership and integration, data engineering teams can seamlessly manage the reliability of their data…

Monte Carlo Named to First-Ever Intelligent Apps Top 40 List

Monte Carlo was recognized as one of the first-ever companies named to the Intelligent Applications 40 list.

IMPACT: The Data Observability Summit Videos Are Now Available On Demand

Missed IMPACT? Have no fear! Full recordings of our keynotes, panels, and fireside chats with Bob Muglia, DJ Patil, Zhamak…

How The Farmer’s Dog Builds Data Reliability with Monte Carlo

How the data team at The Farmer's Dog, a fresh dog food company, achieves reliable data pipelines with automated, end-to-end…

Monte Carlo Launches Insights to Help Data Teams Understand What Data Matters Most to Your Business

Monte Carlo Insights is the first solution on the market to offer customers operational analytics about their data environment.

Unicorns, data mesh, category creation, and more reasons to attend IMPACT: The Data Observability Summit

Five reasons why you should attend IMPACT, the world's first Data Observability summit on Wednesday, November 3, 2021.

Data Observability 101: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

What is data observability and does it make sense for your stack? Here’s your go-to guide to starting on the…

The Future of the Data Engineer

Is the data engineer still the "worst seat at the table?" Maxime Beauchemin, creator of Apache Airflow and Apache Superset,…

Announcing O’Reilly’s Data Quality Fundamentals

Available today, Data Quality Fundamental's press release chapters dive into how some of the best teams are architecting for data…

Monitors as Code: A New Way to Deploy Custom Data Quality Monitors From Your CI/CD Workflow

Monte Carlo releases Monitors as Code, allowing data engineers to easily configure new data quality monitors as part of their…

Data Observability: Five Quick Ways to Improve the Reliability of Your Data

Five common data observability use cases and how they can help your team improve data quality at scale and trust…

Bob Muglia, former Snowflake CEO, to Speak at IMPACT, the World’s First Data Observability Summit

Muglia will join the first Chief Data Scientist of the U.S., the founder of the data mesh, and the creator…

Solving Data’s “Last Mile” Problem with Reverse ETL and Data Observability

How Reverse ETL and Data Observability can help teams go the extra mile when it comes to trusting your data…

What is a Data Incident Commander?

How data teams can build more resilient incident workflows with DevOps best practices.

How Vimeo Achieved End-to-End Visibility in Snowflake and Looker with Monte Carlo

Learn why the the data engineering team at Vimeo chose to partner with Monte Carlo for data observability.

The Ultimate Data Observability Checklist

Here are the 5 things every data observability strategy needs to help companies achieve end-to-end data trust.

Getting Started: Automatic Detection and Alerting for Data Incidents with Monte Carlo

Here’s how data teams get up and running with Monte Carlo to automatically detect and alert on data incidents with…

4 Things You Need to Know When Solving for Data Quality

Investing in a data quality solution? Here's everything you need to know.

Announcing Incident IQ, Monte Carlo’s Root Cause Analysis Workflow for Data Teams

How to get started with Incident IQ, Monte Carlo's all-in-one solution for troubleshooting and preventing broken data pipelines.

The Ultimate Guide to Data Quality

What is data quality and why does it matter?…

Monte Carlo and PagerDuty Integration Brings DevOps to Data Pipelines with End-to-End Data Observability

Monte Carlo's PagerDuty integration helps data engineering teams achieve greater visibility into the end-to-end health of their data pipelines.

Beyond Monitoring: The Rise of Observability

Modern data and machine learning systems need both monitoring and observability. Here’s why.

How to Extract Data Observability Metrics from Snowflake Using SQL

Monitor the health of your Snowflake data pipelines with these 7 queries.

How to Conduct Incident Management for Data Teams

4 steps to identify, root cause, and fix data quality issues at scale…

The Right Way to Measure ROI on Data Quality

Introducing a better approach for measuring the cost of bad data to your business.

The Data Engineer’s Guide to Root Cause Analysis

Introducing a five-step approach used by some of the best data engineering teams to root cause your data quality issues.

5 Things Every Data Engineer Needs to Know About Data Observability

With data observability, data engineers can think more strategically about tackling the "good pipelines, bad data" problem.

Data Observability in Practice: Data Monitoring at Scale with SQL and Machine Learning

How to make your own data observability monitors from scratch and leverage basic principles of machine learning to apply them…

The New Rules of Data Quality

Unit testing your data only gets you so far. Here’s a better way to manage data quality at scale.

Data Observability: How to Build Your Own Anomaly Detectors Using SQL

How to use metadata to understand the root cause of data anomalies and take your data quality testing to the…

Why You Need to Set SLAs for Your Data Pipelines

How to set expectations around data quality and reliability for your company…

Data Observability in Practice Using SQL

A step-by-step tutorial for creating your own data quality monitors to catch freshness and distribution anomalies in your data pipelines.

How to Prevent Bad Data in Your Perfectly Good Pipelines

Your data broke. Now what? Here's how some of the best data teams prevent data downtime and, in the process,…

Why Testing Your Data Is Insufficient

Data is a dynamic, ever-evolving entity. So why aren't we treating it like one? Here's why a hybrid approach to…

How to Improve Data Engineering Workflows with End-to-End Data Observability

With data observability, data teams can now identify and prevent inaccurate, missing, or erroneous data from breaking your analytics dashboards,…

The Data Downtime Before Christmas

What happens when a freshness anomaly threatens to ruin Christmas? Turns out, even Santa Claus and his elves aren’t…

A Summer at Monte Carlo: Improving Data Pipeline Observability at Scale

How I spent my summer internship on Monte Carlo’s software engineering team…

Bringing Reliable Data and AI to the Cloud: A Q&A with Databricks’ Matei Zaharia

An interview with Apache Spark creator Matei Zaharia on all things AI, the cloud, and data reliability…

Demystifying Data Observability

3 practical examples on how to get started with data observability…

Data Observability: How to Fix Your Broken Data Pipelines

In 2020, data is the new software. While software needs to be highly available, data needs to be highly reliable.

How to Solve the “You’re Using THAT Table?!” Problem

How to keep track of your data warehouse's most critical table and reports…

Data Observability: The Next Frontier of Data Engineering

To keep pace with data’s clock speed of innovation, data engineers need to invest in data observability, the next frontier…

[VIDEO] Introducing Data Downtime: From Firefighting to Winning

During a 2019 Data Council meetup, Monte Carlo Co-founder & CEO Barr Moses discusses why data downtime matters to the…

How to Calculate the Cost of Data Downtime

Introducing a better way to measure the financial impact of bad data on your company…

How to Fix Your Data Quality Problem

Introducing a better way to prevent bad data.

What is Data Reliability?

And how to use it to start trusting your data.

How to Migrate to Snowflake Like a Boss

3 things you need to know for a smooth migration.

What is Data Observability?

Hint: it’s not just data for DevOps.

Data Quality — You’re Measuring It Wrong

Introducing a better way: data downtime.

Good Pipelines, Bad Data

How to start trusting data in your company.

Closing the Data Downtime Gap

How to get ahead of bad data.

The Rise of Data Downtime

Introducing “data downtime” and its importance to data teams.