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I Don’t Care How Big Your Data Is 

Big data or big ego? Innuendo aside, “big” data is getting smaller and smarter. Data leaders need to adjust to…

Snowflake Summit 2022 Keynote Recap: Disrupting Data Application Development in the Cloud

A view from the 10th row on Unistore, Python in Snowpark, and more exciting announcements from SFDC leadership.

Building An External Data Product Is Different. Trust Me. (but read this anyway)

Developing an external data product is different, and let's face it harder, than serving internal customers. We dive into 5…

Measuring the Impact of Your Data Platform

Your team launched a new data platform. Great! How do you know it’s working?…

3 Simple Steps For Snowflake Cost Optimization Without Getting Too Crazy

Snowflake cost optimization efforts need to be right sized. Read how to get the most savings without investing too much time…

4 Native Snowflake Data Quality Features You Should Know

The bad news? Data breaks. The good news? These 4 Snowflake data quality features can help!…

Don’t Make a Schema Change Before Answering These Five Questions

Not all schema changes are equal. Here is what to ask yourself before pushing your code off to production.

Is The Modern Data Warehouse Broken? 

The modern data warehouse architecture creates problems across many layers. Consider instead an immutable data warehouse for scale and usability.

The Cost of Bad Data Has Gone Up. Here Are 8 Reasons Why.

The rising cost of bad data and poor data quality has nothing to do with inflation and everything to do…

Reverse ETL: The Missing Piece of the Data Quality Puzzle

Reverse ETL tools eliminate data wait times by pushing fresh, real-time data and insights into the apps you use every…

Building a Data Platform: 7 Signs It’s Time to Invest in Data Quality

It's hard to get your data platform off the ground if you can't trust it. Here are 7 signs it's…

To Stream or Not to Stream: The Data Quality Edition

Why you need to prioritize data quality when migrating to stream processing.

Monte Carlo Data Observability Insights Now Available in the Snowflake Data Marketplace

Easily access data quality and usage metrics directly from your Snowflake environment with Monte Carlo.

5 Non-Obvious Things to Consider When Building Your Data Platform

Here are 5 important questions to answer when migrating to the self-service data platform of your dreams.

The New Face of a Data Governance Model

Data governance models are dead. Here’s how we can resurrect it.

eBook: The Modern Data Leader’s Playbook

Learn how top data leaders scale their teams, tech, and processes to meet the needs of the modern business.

How to Treat Your Data Like a Product

Your company wants to "treat data like a product." Great! What does that mean?…

What’s In Store for the Future of the Modern Data Stack?

Bob Muglia, the former CEO of Snowflake, discusses what’s next for the tooling and technologies powering data analytics and engineering.

How to Build Your Data Reliability Stack

Data reliability is a critical focus for modern data teams. Here's how to get started.

7 Questions to Ask When Building Your Data Team

When it comes to ensuring your data team is happy and productive, answering these seven questions will make all the…

Data Mesh – Fad or Fab?

Love it or hate it – it’s here. So, we turned to one of the experts to ask him some…

Data Mesh 101: How to Get Started

What is a data mesh? Do you even need one? Download this free guide to learn how some of the…

Data Anomaly Detection: Why Your Data Team Is Just Not That Into It

Delivering reliable data products doesn't have to be so painful. Introducing a more proactive approach to detecting data anomalies: the…

Reverse ETL and Data Observability: Solving Data’s “Last Mile” Problem

How Reverse ETL and Data Observability can help teams go the extra mile when it comes to trusting your data…

Decoding the Data Mesh

Building a data mesh? Avoid these 7 common mesh-conceptions.

The Weekly ETL: How Do You “Thin Slice” a Data Pipeline?

In Monte Carlo’s Weekly ETL (Explanations Through Lior) series, Lior Gavish, Monte Carlo’s co-founder, and CTO answers a trending question…

What in the World is Going on with Data Catalogs?

Data catalogs are having an identity crisis. Here’s why.

The Weekly ETL: Will Data Engineering Ever Be Sexy like Data Science?

Data engineers are the backbone of the data team - so why can't they get the respect they deserve?…

The Weekly ETL: How Do You Document Your Data Assets?

Lior Gavish, Monte Carlo's co-founder and CTO, answers a trending question on Reddit about some of the data industry's hottest…

What is a Data Platform? And How to Build One

A data platform is a central repository and processing house for all of an organization's data.

Announcing the 2021 Data Platform Trends Report

Building a data platform? We've got you covered.

Data Software-as-a-Service: The Case for a Hybrid Deployment Architecture

With the combined benefits of on-prem security and SaaS convenience, data and ML vendors with a hybrid deployment architecture give…

You’re Not Realizing the Full Value of Your Company’s Data

How to overcome five non-obvious roadblocks on your journey to data analytics excellence.

Why Production Machine Learning Fails — And How To Fix It

Discussing applications of ML in theory is much different than actually applying ML models at scale in production. Here's the…

Data Mesh 101: Everything You Need To Know to Get Started

Your company wants to build a data mesh. Great! Now what? Here’s a quick primer to get you started --…

Data Lake vs Data Warehouse: How to Choose Correctly

Data warehouse? Data lake? Data lakehouse? All of the above? Here’s what you need to know to make the right…

Introducing the New ABCs of Data

To help you keep pace with the evolving world of data, we put together the new essential alphabet for data…

How to Build Your Data Platform like a Product

We share advice for designing a data platform that will maximize the value and impact of data at your company.

What is a Data Mesh — and How Not to Mesh it Up

A beginner’s guide to implementing the latest industry trend: a data mesh.