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[VIDEO] Introducing Data Downtime: From Firefighting to Winning

Data Downtime

Barr Moses

CEO and Co-founder, Monte Carlo. Proponent of data reliability and action movies.

Have you ever shown a report to your CEO or manager and he/she told you the numbers look way off? Has a customer ever called out incorrect data in one of your product dashboards? In this talk, I’ll introduce the concept of “data downtime” — periods of time when your data is partial, erroneous, missing or otherwise inaccurate.

Data downtime is highly costly for data-driven organizations and affects almost every team, yet is often addressed ad hoc in a reactive manner. In this presentation during a 2019 Data Council meetup, Monte Carlo Co-founder & CEO Barr Moses discusses why data downtime matters to the data industry, signs you may have a data downtime problem, how to address it proactively, and the incredible leverage you’ll provide to your company and customers if you do.

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