Monte Carlo and PagerDuty Integration Brings DevOps to Data Pipelines with End-to-End Data Observability

Today, I’m excited to announce the availability of Monte Carlo’s integration partnership with PagerDuty to bring greater visibility to data pipelines and foster greater collaboration across data teams. With Monte Carlo joining PagerDuty’s Integration Partner Program, PagerDuty customers can now achieve Data Observability across every stage of the data lifecycle, from ingestion to analytics.

Monte Carlo’s Data Observability Platform enables data teams to seamlessly monitor the health of their data assets by applying the proven principles of application observability to data. Simultaneously, Monte Carlo provides CDOs and other data stakeholders with a holistic view of their company’s data health and reliability across critical business use cases, building trust in data and empowering better decision-making.

“PagerDuty is dedicated to helping professionals achieve reliability across their software and data ecosystems,” said Steve Gross, Senior Director, Global Technology Ecosystem, PagerDuty. “Through this integration, our customers will benefit from automated data monitoring, end-to-end lineage, and root cause analysis through data observability.”

Joint customers such as Auto Trader and PlaySimple rely on Monte Carlo to automate monitoring and anomaly detection for their data pipelines by proactively surfacing issues related to data freshness, volume, distribution, schema, and lineage. With this new partnership in place, when issues are detected, alerts can be sent to PagerDuty in real time and delivered to the appropriate team or individual to take action, bringing more visibility and seamless collaboration across teams.

For PlaySimple, the mobile gaming leader behind such viral hits as Word Trip and Crossword Jam, data observability through Monte Carlo and PagerDuty is critical when it comes to achieving reliable and trustworthy data across the company.

“To power mobile gaming experiences for our users worldwide, PlaySimple relies on accurate, real-time data. For the key tables powering our product, we simply can’t afford to fly blind when it comes to data trust,” said Siddhanth Jain, co-founder at PlaySimple Games. “Monte Carlo’s PagerDuty integration allows our team to know when data incidents happen in real time so that our analysts and product managers are alerted as soon as data pipelines break. Now, we can root cause and fix data issues fast, before they affect our business.” 

“We are thrilled to be working with PagerDuty to bring DevOps approaches to data reliability,” stated Barr Moses, CEO and co-founder of Monte Carlo. “In today’s environment, data is a company’s most critical asset. Our team is proud to help PagerDuty customers unlock the potential of their data.”

Attending the 2021 PagerDuty Summit from Tuesday, June 22 – Friday, June 25? Be sure to check out Monte Carlo’s booth to learn more about our joint solution!