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Announcing Monte Carlo’s 2023 Reliability Pioneers

Sydney Nielsen

Sydney is Monte Carlo's customer marketing manager. When she's not obsessing over customer happiness, she's playing with her cat, Frieda, sewing, or chasing after her daughter.

Across the ages, a select few intrepid souls have dared to challenge the status quo. From Michelangelo to Sally Ride, these vivacious dreamers have inspired us to reach higher, explore deeper, and welcome the unknown under the cover of their warm and visionary embrace. 

And now, in 2023, a new garrison of movers and shakers have arisen to grease the wheels of our collective digital future. But who are they? These aren’t the Grace Hopppers and Michael Bays of the world. No, these selfless prometheans walk among us—like torches burning in the darkness, pointing us to the hope…of better data and AI. 

Introducing Monte Carlo’s NEW Reliability Pioneers

What is the Reliability Pioneers program?

Bad data is the single greatest threat to our data platforms. From AI and ML to business insights, data quality issues erode trust in not just critical data products but also the teams that support them. 

Monte Carlo’s Reliability Pioneers is an invite-only program that celebrates leaders across the data & AI community who have committed to educating their peers about the necessity of data trust—and how to build it with end-to-end data observability. 

Introducing the Reliability Pioneers Class of 2023

Our Reliability Pioneers are some of the best in the business. They aren’t just practitioners in the data field—they’re experts in their own rights—pioneering the future of data reliability, data quality, trustworthy AI, and data governance across industries.

These leaders are solving problems, building data products, and shaping the definition of the modern data stack for everything from high-growth startups to 10,000-person companies and almost every industry you can imagine—from finance and insurance, to e-commerce, enterprise tech, and professional sports. 

The Pioneers meet monthly to share tips and best practices for scaling data trust, discuss road blocks and challenges, and partner to solve some of our industry’s thorniest problems. They present at conferences and events (including Snowflake Summit, Data + AI Summit, dbt Coalesce, and of course, IMPACT: The Data Observability Summit), publish their insights and learnings on the Monte Carlo blog, and serve as data observability advocates across the broader data community. Due to these efforts and more, they’re helping set a high standard for what good data looks like and how to get there.

Congratulations and WELCOME to our very first class of Reliability Pioneers!

It’s not easy to stare into the abyss of a broken data pipeline and say, ‘I will root-cause for you.’ But with these shimmering heralds of data & AI reliability at the helm, our c-suites can all sleep a little easier.

Once again, congratulations to the 2023 class of Reliability Pioneers—we can’t wait to welcome even more exceptional data leaders into the fold in 2024!

Interested in becoming a Reliability Pioneer? Reach out to to learn more about the program.