Announcing O’Reilly’s Data Quality Fundamentals

On behalf of the entire company, I’m excited to announce the release of Data Quality Fundamentals: A Practitioner’s Guide to Building More Trustworthy Data Pipelines, published by O’Reilly Media and available for free on the Monte Carlo website. This is the first book published by O’Reilly to educate the market on how best-in-class data teams design and architect technical systems to achieve trustworthy and reliable data at scale. 

For decades, teams have struggled to measure, maintain, improve, and predict data quality, and  over the past few years, the speed and scale at which we ingest, process, transform, and analyze data have made these challenges even harder. This lack of visibility into the health of our data leads to data downtime, periods of time when data is missing, inaccurate, or otherwise erroneous, and a leading reason why data quality initiatives fail. 

O’Reilly’s Data Quality Fundamentals is the only guide of its kind to help data engineers and analysts understand the key factors that contribute to unreliable data pipelines and poor data quality, leverage new and novel processes and technologies to solve these problems, and design resilient, observable systems to prevent data downtime from happening in the first place. 

In this book, readers will learn: 

The book is co-authored by Barr Moses, CEO, and co-founder of Monte Carlo, Lior Gavish, CTO and co-founder of Monte Carlo, and Molly Vorwerck, Head of Content at Monte Carlo and former lead editor of the Uber Engineering Blog. 

“As data pipelines grow increasingly complex, the requirements around data quality and trust are higher than ever, and yet, many data teams don’t have the necessary resources to execute on this vision,” said Moses. “Lior, Molly, and I were inspired to write this book after our experiences building reliable data systems and working with some of the best data leaders to help them accelerate the adoption of data at their organizations and eliminate data downtime through data observability. We’re honored to partner with O’Reilly on this landmark contribution to the data engineering canon.”

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