Monte Carlo Launches Chief Data Officer Advisory Board

Today, I am proud to announce the formation of Monte Carlo’s Chief Data Officer (CDO) advisory board. The advisory board was launched to help Monte Carlo and the emerging data observability market better serve customers on their journeys to data trust, advise their product roadmap, and pioneer the data observability category. 

This announcement comes just weeks after our $25M Series B funding round this February, led by Redpoint Ventures, backers of Snowflake and Looker, and GGV Capital, investors of HashiCorp and Slack, with participation from existing investor Accel. 

The advisory board will serve as a trusted partner to Monte Carlo’s customers across FinTech, e-commerce, media, digital marketplace, B2B software, and retail industries, including several Fortune 500 companies and data teams at Compass, Eventbrite, and Hippo Insurance, among others.

Members of Monte Carlo’s CDO Advisory Board include: 

  • Fawad Butt, former CDO of UnitedHealthcare and former Chief Data Governance Officer at Kaiser Permanente 
  • JuneAn Lanigan, Global Head of Enterprise Data Management at Western Digital
  • Peter Wang, CTO of Buzzfeed and former CTO at Refinery29
  • Jesse Pedersen, VP of Data Platforms and Insights at Autodesk

With extensive experience leading data organizations across industries, Monte Carlo’s CDO advisory board will enable customers to network, discuss data and digital transformation priorities, and formulate strategies to accelerate the adoption of data at scale across their companies. 

In 2021, data is your company’s most valuable asset, but only if it can be trusted. To address this fundamental need, Data Observability delivers end-to-end visibility into the accuracy and reliability of your data at every stage of its lifecycle, from ingestion to analytics,” said Fawad Butt, former CDO, UnitedHealthcare. “I couldn’t be more excited to partner with Monte Carlo as they deliver on the promise of data by paving the way forward for the Data Observability category. 

“As VP of Data Platforms and Insights at Autodesk, I know firsthand the importance of data to drive intelligent decision making and fuel meaningful innovation. Still, modern data teams are often unable to realize the full value of their analytics due to inaccurate or unreliable data,” Jesse Pedersen, VP of Data Platforms and Insights, Autodesk. “This is why I’m so excited about Monte Carlo’s vision for the emerging field of Data Observability, one of the most promising developments in our industry since the introduction of Snowflake’s Data Cloud. I’m thrilled to partner with Monte Carlo as they chart a path forward for companies to trust their data and unlock its true potential through end-to-end data reliability.” 

The formation of the company’s CDO advisory board is a testament to the market validation and customer adoption around data observability, as well as the industry’s appetite for solutions that can help data organizations better deliver on the promise of reliable and trustworthy data. 

Pioneering the Data Observability category

Snowflake’s $3.4B IPO, Databricks $28B valuation, and other events signal the rise of the cloud data stack, but how do companies know if they can trust their data? 

By applying the same principles of application observability to data, Monte Carlo’s Data Observability Platform fills this void as the first end-to-end solution that allows data engineers and analysts to seamlessly monitor the health of their data across the entire data stack, from ingestion to analytics – all in one collaborative interface. Simultaneously, Monte Carlo provides CDOs and other data stakeholders with a holistic view of their company’s data health and reliability across critical business use cases.

“The world is transitioning the conversation from Data Governance to Data Health . . . a holistic approach to research and observation, prevention, prediction, and root cause eradication.  Much like physical health, we rely on the health of our data to sustain and grow us,” said JuneAn Lanigan, Global Head of Enterprise Data Management, Western Digital. “As a new member of the Monte Carlo Advisory Board, I am thrilled to come alongside Barr and the team as we develop and deliver these capabilities, setting a new baseline for data management. Congratulations on achieving confidence from our investors as expressed in this latest round of Series B funding.  2021 is going to be a very good year!”  

Monte Carlo CEO, Barr Moses, was inspired to launch Monte Carlo after her experiences troubleshooting data downtime for her customers at Gainsight, the customer success software company.

Customer success is integral to Monte Carlo’s DNA, and launching our CDO advisory board is a cornerstone of this commitment,” said Barr Moses, CEO, Monte Carlo. “As we charter the course for data reliability, I’m excited to bring on board some of the industry’s leading voices in data engineering and analytics to help us grow the category and bring the value of trusted, reliable data to our customers.

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