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How Vimeo Achieved End-to-End Visibility in Snowflake and Looker with Monte Carlo

Angeline Junaedy

When it came to achieving data trust at Vimeo, Lior Solomon, VP of Engineering, Data, and his team were faced with an important choice: build or buy their data observability platform.

After trying various solutions, they chose to partner with Monte Carlo, a decision that allowed them to “literally jump into the future” with the platform’s automatic detection and end-to-end visibility into their Looker and Snowflake pipelines in minutes — not days.

Check out how Lior and the data engineering team at Vimeo build collaborative workflows with Slack and Monte Carlo to drive data SLAs at scale:

And be sure to check out the full Data Engineering Podcast episode for more insights from Lior, courtesy of our friends at Firebolt.

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