Monte Carlo Releases Mastering Data Quality And Your ABCs, World’s First-Ever Children’s Book on Data Quality

Molly Vorwerck

Molly is Head of Content & Communications @ Monte Carlo.

Good Night Moon. Where The Wild Things Are. The Cat in the Hat. And now, from the mind of Barr Moses, comes the historic next children’s literary classic: Mastering Data Quality And Your ABCs.

A follow up to 2022’s Data Quality Fundamentals: A Practical Guide to Building Reliable Data Pipelines published by O’Reilly Media, Mastering Data Quality And Your ABCs educates the next generation of data and AI engineers about the importance of highly reliable data. After all, in the age of virtual reality, generative AI, and cyber trucks, why shouldn’t children also learn how to write their first dbt test or spin up their first data observability solution?

Moses was inspired to write the book after learning that her daughter is not taught about data quality in preschool. 

“There’s so much focus on gross motor skills and language milestones when you’re raising your children that we often overlook the basics,” said Moses. “That’s why I’m excited to release Mastering Data Quality And Your ABCs, the first-ever piece of children’s literature to tackle the most important skill set for ensuring positive outcomes for today’s youth: data quality management.”

The book chronicles a brother and sister’s journey to fix a broken data pipeline by using a data observability platform to monitor, alert, triage, and help resolve the issue before their parents find out. Once they’ve identified the root cause, fun ensues and the siblings unlock the potential of reliable data to power their new LLM.

Already an Oprah’s Book Club selection for 2024, the book is slated to hit shelves this summer at independent bookstores across the U.S., Canada, and the Falkland Islands. 

Mastering Data Quality And Your ABCs is this generation’s Very Hungry Caterpillar,” said Lior Gavish, CTO and co-founder. “But instead of being about a very hungry caterpillar, it’s about data observability.”

Remember: it’s never too early to start monitoring your data. 

PS – Happy April Fools’ Day from your friends at Monte Carlo!