Monte Carlo Achieves Snowflake Premier Partner Status to Help Companies Accelerate the Adoption of Reliable Data 

I’m excited to share that Monte Carlo, creator of the data observability category and a Powered by Snowflake company, is now a Snowflake Premier Partner! 

With this milestone, Monte Carlo becomes the first-ever data observability provider to achieve Snowflake Premier Partner status, a distinction granted to technology partners with a strong reference architecture and over 70 mutual customers. 

Data quality is a priority for Snowflake customers

Our Premier Partner designation reflects how end-to-end automated data monitoring and lineage accelerate data adoption to make organizations more data driven. 

“Snowflake customers are processing significant amounts of data across complex pipelines to power valuable business applications in which data quality is paramount including machine learning models, customer facing data products, and real-time analytics,” said Tarik Dwiek, Head of Technology Alliances, Snowflake. “With Monte Carlo, Snowflake customers can quickly identify, resolve, and prevent broken data pipelines before they affect the business, ensuring that the data powering decision making and fueling digital services is reliable and can be trusted at each stage of its life cycle. We are thrilled for Monte Carlo to become a Snowflake Premier Partner.”

Mutual customers like Vimeo, Shoprunner, Shipt, and JetBlue rely on Snowflake and Monte Carlo to build scalable and powerful data systems that drive better decisions for the business, and in turn, powering their competitive advantage in today’s market. 

This was the case for mutual Snowflake, Monte Carlo customer Choozle, a leading digital advertising software company. They launched a major platform update providing its 6,000+ advertisers and agencies holistic insight into their campaign performance.

“Snowflake gave us the ability to have all of the information available to our users. For example, we could show campaign performance across the top 20 zip codes and now advertisers can access data across all 30,000 zip codes in the US if they want it. The release was very clean and we have seen a huge swing in customer satisfaction with our new reporting capabilities,” said Adam Woods, Chief Customer Officer, Choozle. “I can’t imagine a situation where I would fire up Snowflake and not put Monte Carlo on top of it. It’s become part of my go-to stack along with Looker and machine learning in GCP.”

Strong reference architecture with seamless integrations

Monte Carlo’s SOC-2 certified, security first architecture is powered by Snowflake and ensures data never has to leave the customer environment.

The Monte Carlo data observability platform is powered by Snowflake.

The Monte Carlo data observability platform is powered by Snowflake.

Monte Carlo seamlessly integrates with Snowflake to provide mutual customers a cohesive experience for ensuring the quality of their data. Connecting Monte Carlo to a Snowflake database takes minutes, and customers can benefit from automated lineage and data monitoring without any additional configuration.

Mutual customers can also leverage Snowflake secure data sharing to access Monte Carlo’s Data Observability Insight data via the Snowflake Data Marketplace to build dashboards, analyze data platform team performance and even commit to and track SLAs–all within the Snowflake platform.

Snowflake and Monte Carlo: better together

We are thrilled to be the first data observability provider and platform to achieve Snowflake Premier Partner status and look forward to continuing to work together to help data teams improve data quality, reduce data incident fire drills, and make their organizations more data driven.

Interested in learning more about how your team can benefit from Monte Carlo and Snowflake’s Premier Partnership to drive more reliable data? Reach out to Matt and the rest of the team via the form below!