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Data quality monitoring and alerting across your entire data stack, from ingestion in the warehouse to the business intelligence layer. We’ve got you covered.

Detect data issues wherever they occur

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End-to-end data observability.

Observability across your modern data stack. Detect, alert, resolve, and prevent data incidents at scale.

More coverage, less time spent

Our machine learning powered monitors automatically detect data freshness, volume, schema, and quality issues so your team can spend less time on testing and more time building. 

Custom Monitoring

Automatic impact assessment

Immediately understand who and which reports were impacted by an incident. Need the details? Just scroll or click.

A Better Way to Track Data Quality Coverage at Scale

Improve visibility, accountability, and trust. Monte Carlo is the only solution that tracks your data health and response times at the organizational, domain, and data product levels. 

Table Health Dashboard

Understand data dependencies – automatically.

Within 24 hours of deployment, Monte Carlo equips your team with automated, up-to-date field-level lineage to map upstream and downstream data dependencies.


Performance and reliability all within one powerful platform

Slow running data pipelines cost data teams time, money, and goodwill. They utilize excess compute, cause data quality issues, and create a poor user experience for data consumers that must wait in exasperation for data to return, dashboards to load, and AI models to update.

Performance, the newest release in Monte Carlo’s data observability platform, solves these issues by allowing users to easily filter queries related to specific DAGs, users, dbt models, warehouses, or datasets. Users can then drill down to spot anomalies and determine how performance was impacted by changes in code, data, and warehouse configuration.

Performance Dashboard

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