Snowflake Horizon and Data Observability: Better Together

Molly Vorwerck

Molly is Head of Content & Communications @ Monte Carlo.

This week at their annual summit, Snowflake announced Horizons, a new data governance suite that helps teams achieve data discovery, compliance, and quality in Snowflake. As the Snowflake Horizon data observability partner, we are excited to see this initiative deliver value to our mutual customers.

Still, while Snowflake Horizon can help detect data quality issues in Snowflake, it was not built to achieve data reliability at scale like enterprise data observability solutions. 

A core tenet of observability is coverage of all components of the stack: business intelligence, orchestration, ingestion, transactional databases, catalogs, AI, code repositories and in particular data warehouses and lakes from multiple vendors. Only a vendor-neutral solution like Monte Carlo can thoroughly support a modern enterprise data team with end-to-end visibility across their data, systems, and code using critical technologies like Apache Kafka, Airflow, dbt, Fivetran, Looker, Tableau, and Pinecone, among others. 

Additionally, delivering data reliability requires all members of a data organization to work in concert to detect, triage and resolve data issues. That involves complex workflows and collaboration, as well as reporting and analytics to drive data quality initiatives forward. 

While Horizon can help detect data issues on Snowflake, it is not designed to support the full set of workflows across all roles and personas like a third-party data observability solution. Enterprise data observability platforms like Monte Carlo provide features like automated detection, alerting, impact analysis, and end-to-end lineage to give teams the tools they need to be the first to know and solve data issues when they arise. 

Data is becoming more valuable than ever, informing key decisions, powering data products, and fueling generative AI models – but only if it’s reliable. Together, Monte Carlo and Snowflake are committed to accelerating the adoption of trusted data across your entire stack.

Reach out to Molly or the Monte Carlo team to learn more about how Snowflake Horizon and Monte Carlo are better together. 

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