Say goodbye to unreliable data products.

Mitigate the risk and impact of data downtime.

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Mitigate the risk and impact of data quality issues.

Monte Carlo equips your team with automated lineage necessary to plan upstream field changes or critical migrations, avoiding downtime every step of the way.

Reduce time and resources spent on data quality.

Leverage Monte Carlo to understand which fields, tables, and queries are outdated, unused, or sub-optimized to reduce data infrastructure costs.

Track data quality coverage at scale.

Monte Carlo helps you prevent data quality issues that prevent stakeholders from using your data – and trusting your team.

Access data health insights on demand.

Automated insights help your data team make better decisions when changing fields, tables, schema, and more.

Understand stakeholder impact with automated lineage.

Automated, end-to-end provides context on how data is used downstream before a breaking change is introduced.

Automated circuit breakers.

Automated and custom orchestration-based data quality checks automatically stop pipelines when data does not meet desired thresholds—limiting the downstream impact of bad data and avoiding costly backfills.

Reduce data infrastructure costs.

Increase reliability as data volumes grow with comprehensive monitor recommendations. Manage compute costs by understanding which fields, tables, and queries are outdated, inefficient, or stale.

Chart a reliable course for your data migration.

Understand data inflows and outflows and access insights on data ownership, usage, and reliability to execute database migrations at scale.

Increase data adoption.

Monte Carlo increases stakeholder and customer confidence in your data products to drive greater adoption and user satisfaction.

“I only use 3 tabs at work: Gmail, BigQuery, and Monte Carlo. I never make a change to our data infrastructure without checking Monte Carlo first. That way, I can avoid data disasters before they happen.”

Daniel Rimon Head of Data Engineering