Prevent poor quality data proactively

Critical insights your team needs to improve data products, make better data platform investment decisions, and build greater trust.

Prevent Bad Quality data using monte carlo's data monitoring tool
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Maximize your investment

Maximize your investment

Monte Carlo equips your team with automated field-level lineage to plan incremental field changes 
or critical migration initiatives.

Reduce storage & compute spend

Reduce storage & compute spend

Leverage Monte Carlo to understand which fields, tables, and queries are outdated, unused, or inefficient.

Build trust

Build trust

Monte Carlo’s mission is to help you accelerate the adoption of data products across your business and your customers.

Data reliability insights on-demand

Automated insights help your data team make responsible decisions when changing fields, tables, schema, and more.

Automated field-level lineage

Monte Carlo automatically builds field-level lineage within 24 hours of deployment and continuously updates so changes and modifications to data assets can be made responsibly and proactively.

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With Monte Carlo, we know exactly what to update when there’s a change in our data, so there’s no downtime and no fire drills. Our decision makers 
are happier and I can sleep at night.

Yoav Kamin,
Director of Business Performance
Automated field-level lineage

Cleanup and query insights

With end-to-end visibility, Monte Carlo 
helps your team manage compute and 
storage costs by letting you know which 
fields, tables, and queries are unused 
or inefficient.

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That’s the beauty of Monte Carlo because it allows 
us to see who is using data and where it is being consumed. This has allowed us to actually free up some of our processing time from unused data elements which were no longer relevant.

Valerie Rogoff,
Director of Analytics Data Architecture
Cleanup and query insights

Migration blueprint

Leverage automated lineage to understand how data flows, and access insight reports to plan migrations.

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I only use 3 tabs at work: Gmail, BigQuery, and Monte Carlo. I never make a change to our data infrastructure without checking Monte Carlo first. That way, 
I can avoid data disasters before they happen.

Daniel Rimon,
Head of Data Engineering
Migration blueprint

Higher data adoption

Whether your team builds internal or 
consumer-facing data products, Monte 
Carlo helps reduce data downtime and 
increase data trust.

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…I definitely think the things we were able to do—in terms of data observability and bringing transparency into data operations—improved how we target our audience and channels.

Gopi Krishnamurthy,
Director of Engineering
Higher data adoption

Monte Carlo ensures data reliability through their robust data observability engine. 
With Monte Carlo, I know that our data pipelines are in working order and my executives 
and partners can trust our analytics.

Neta Gur-Ari Krakover, Senior R&D Manager of Data
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ML-powered anomaly detection

ML-powered anomaly detection

Out-of-the-box coverage across all your data tables, opt-in monitors for key assets, and monitors-as-code.

Faster incident resolution

Faster incident resolution

Detection is not enough. Empower your data teams to resolve incidents 
in minutes, not days.

End-to-end visibility

End-to-end visibility

Use your favorite stack. Get a single view into data health across your data lakes, warehouses, orchestration and BI tools.


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