Monte Carlo + Atlan

With Monte Carlo and Atlan, teams can gain an up-to-date understanding of their data health, build trust in data, and support innovative new ways to approach distributed data infrastructure.

Extending visibility into data health

Track data quality checks on your most critical tables.Teams using Monte Carlo and Atlan can now quickly understand the health of specific data assets across their Data Estate. Data status updates in Atlan about data health are informed by Monte Carlo, and data teams can now view monitors and tests created for each production table.

Increasing data trust and collaboration across the business

Monte Carlo and Atlan’s integration lets data teams see data quality incidents directly in their data catalog. Data consumers can view details of the latest data incidents and anomalies detected by Monte Carlo. This helps all data teams to keep close tabs on the reliability of any given asset, based on a common metadata control plane.

Enabling domain-oriented data management

“Verify” trustworthy data sets directly in the Atlan catalog.Forward-thinking data organizations are increasingly moving to adopt distributed data architectures like the data mesh. Monte Carlo and Atlan help provide those data teams with peace of mind about data reliability, which can be a challenge when assets are owned by domain teams and available through self-serve access.