Webinar: Delivering on Data Quality for Advertisers

How Choozle Deliver Data Quality to Advertisers with Snowflake and Monte Carlo

April 21, 2022 | 10 AM PST | Virtual

The tall old tale amongst digital advertisers is attribution. The question of “is my data right?” “Is my dashboard correct” comes more often than not.

Choozle, a leading digital advertising platform, migrated to Snowflake for real time customer insights. As they scale, volume of data sources accumulate and complex schemas adds on to their data pipeline, the question of data quality and reliability begins to unfold. 

With the mission to deliver the best actionable insights to customers, Choozle chose end-to-end Data Observability to support their promise of data. 

In this session, join Adam and Megan from the Choozle Data Teams to learn more about: 

  • Benefits of real time insights to customer data in a digital advertising world
  • The challenges of scaling your data systems 
  • How to reduce time to detection and time to resolution in your data pipelines 
  • How to set Data Quality SLAs, SLIs, and SLOs for Snowflake data pipelines
  • Operational analytics for your data platform

Guest Speakers:

Choozle – Digital Advertising Made Easy®—provides a digital advertising software platform that leverages detailed consumer data to power programmatic advertising campaigns across display, connected TV, video, mobile, and other mediums—all from a single, intuitive interface.

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