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Trust your data.

Monte Carlo’s Data Observability platform helps your team increase in trust in data by eliminating data downtime.

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The data observability tool every data team needs

Know about data downtime.

Monte Carlo’s data observability tool uses machine learning to infer and learn what your data looks like, proactively identify data downtime, assess its impact, and notify those who need to know.

“There’s literally nothing else out there for data reliability like Monte Carlo. Within minutes, we were up and running with Monte Carlo and within days, the platform was uncovering critical schema and pipeline changes that would have impacted the business if left undetected.

Matt Frazier, Chief Analytics Officer at Pie Insurance

Find root cause and fix the issue, fast.

Automatically and immediately identify the root cause, allowing you to collaborate and resolve issues faster.

“Monte Carlo’s monitoring feed to Slack gives me comfort that our data is healthy and everything’s working as designed. And on days where something goes wrong, I know my team will be the first to know and that we’ll be in command of the situation.”

Suvayan Roy, Senior Product Manager

Prevent data downtime.

See all your data dependencies in one place, automatically — no manual input needed.

“Our execs rely on my team’s dashboards to make decisions. With Monte Carlo, we know exactly what to update when there’s a change in our data, so there’s no downtime and no fire drills. Our decision makers are happier and I can sleep at night.”

Yoav Kamin, Director of Business Performance

We got you covered.


Security-first architecture.

Data never leaves your environment. Designed by security veterans, Monte Carlo is the only data observability solution to achieve SOC 2 compliance.

On Boarding

No-code onboarding.

Code-free implementation for full out-of-the-box coverage with your existing data stack and seamless collaboration with your teammates.


End-to-end observability.

Use your favorite stack. Get a single view into data health across your data lakes, warehouses, ETL, business intelligence tools, and catalogs.


Scales with your data.

We monitor your data at-rest and do not extract it from your datastore, facilitating end-to-end coverage no matter how your stack evolves.

Coverage across your entire data stack

Unlock the power of reliable data.

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