The Road to IMPACT: An Event Series for Today’s Data Leaders – Part 3

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How to Build a Single Customer View You Can Trust

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Join RVU’s data team as they discuss their journey to redefine their Data Ecosystem. With multiple brands under their belt and a single mission of empowering people to make confident decisions, data is at the center of it all. From operationalizing their data to keeping it highly available and clean, RVU is paving the way for a better, more holistic Single Customer View with data quality and trust in mind. 

When it comes to making your customers happy, there’s no substitute for a great user experience. In 2021, RVU’s Single Customer View is the most holistic way to deliver on this vision. 

RVU’s data doubles every 2 years, but our usage of that data increases 10 fold in the same time period. 

Join our Customer Speakers at RVU.UK:

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Hear from the leaders defining the most impactful movements in data at the first-ever Data Observability Summit.

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