[New Guide] The 22 Hottest Trends In Data Right Now

22 Data Trends for 2022: The Hottest Trends in Data Right Now

Outlining the Technologies, Processes, and Culture Shaping Data Engineering

The data space moves fast, are you keeping up?

We are in a moment in time where storage and compute limitations have largely been erased—big data can be as big as it wants to be.

As a result, today’s hottest trends are technologies and processes for making this enlarged universe more organized, reliable, accessible, and fast. Trends like:

  • The data lakehouse
  • No copy data sharing
  • Data contracts
  • Data mesh
  • Data certification
  • The semantic data layer
  • The gradual demise of the customer data platform
  • And more!

For the first time in years, our industry is starting to pay more attention not just to the latest and greatest tech, but also innovations in both managing costs (FinOps) and increasing profitability (data monetization).

We hope this report will help keep you up to speed with the innovations that we believe will impact data teams the most. Get your free copy today.

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