Future Of Data Observability: Quarterly Roadmap Session

Future Of Data Observability: Quarterly Roadmap Session

August 30, 2022 | 10 AM PST – Virtual

Your pipelines break, your dashboards go stale, and your stakeholder trust is eroding. 

Staying ahead of the next data incident is hard enough, let alone staying abreast of the lightning paced developments of the modern data stack. 

But it’s essential to reduce your data downtime, because the latest capability may be the key to solving your most challenging data reliability use cases.

Join us for an invite-only, 30 minute quarterly roadmap session to stay up-to-date with the latest data observability capabilities. You’ll also get to shape the future and provide feedback on some of our most important feature investments.

  • A recap of the latest product releases from last quarter
  • An exclusive preview of upcoming data observability platform features
  • Data observability best practices

Have colleagues that want to learn more about Monte Carlo? Invite them to register here for a seat for the next roadmap update.

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Jon So

Head of Product Marketing

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