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How To Implement Data Mesh: Practical Tips From 4 Data Leaders

Four data leaders from leading organizations give their practical advice on how to implement data mesh.

How SeatGeek Reduced Data Incidents to Zero with Data Observability

In this video, SeatGeek's Brian London and Kyle Shannon share how data observability helped their data team reduce data incidents…

How Data and Finance Teams Can Be Friends (And Stop Being Frenemies)

Part one in a practical data leader series: how data leaders can better work with the finance team.

What’s Next for Data Engineering in 2023? 13 Predictions 

Data trend predictions from two industry veterans who have made big bets on the future of data engineering.

3 Questions with Daniel Kahneman, Author of Thinking, Fast and Slow

Will AI develop empathy? Can AI and humans co-exist? Inquiring minds want to know, and Nobel Prize-winner Daniel Kahneman has…

The 7 Tenets Of Building A Data-Driven Culture

Check out the 7 rules that helped Cribl transform into a data-driven culture with critical assets used by 60% of…

Monte Carlo Announces Power BI Integration to Help Data Teams Triage and Prevent Data Incidents at Scale

Monte Carlo's new integration with Microsoft Power BI helps data teams detect, triage, and understand the downstream impact of data…

The Slow, Agonizing Death of the Customer Data Platform

Long live the composable customer data platform. Or, why marketing and data teams should be friends.

Where the Data Silos Are

You’ve heard of shadow IT, but what about shadow data? Read on to see where the data silos are and…

Announcing Monte Carlo’s Data Reliability Dashboard, a Better Way Understand the Health of Your Data

Data Reliability Dashboard gives data engineers the tools necessary to measure data uptime, drive operational improvements, and scale reliability.

5 Steps To A Successful Data Warehouse Migration

Real lessons from recent data warehouse migrations like Qubole to AWS EMR andMySQL to AWS Redshift.

The Fight for Controlled Freedom of the Data Warehouse

The data gatekeeper is dead, long live the…oh no what have we done?…

Monitoring for the dbt Semantic Layer and Beyond

Let’s talk about the dbt Semantic Layer as well as anomaly detection, resolution, and prevention across the data most important…

Why Data Cleaning is Failing Your ML Models – And What To Do About It

When it comes to achieving model accuracy, data cleaning alone is insufficient. Here’s why.

Organizing Talent: Return of the Data Center of Excellence

More organizations are leveraging a data center of excellence and central data platform to mitigate the risks inherent with the…

The Significance of O’Reilly’s Data Quality Fundamentals

O'Reilly Data Quality Fundamentals' is the publishing house’s first-ever book on data observability.

How Dr. Squatch Keeps Data Clean & Fresh with Monte Carlo

Data observability helps the groundbreaking men’s personal care product company maintain excellent data hygiene.

Big Data (Quality), Small Data Team: How Prefect Saved 20 Hours Per Week with Data Observability

Learn how Dylan Hughes and Prefect’s lean data team kept data reliability high and costs low with Monte Carlo.

Quartz Ranks Monte Carlo As Third Best Medium-Sized Company For Remote Workers

Monte Carlo one of 83 companies honored by the global business publication.

5 Predictions for the Future of the Data Platform

Maxime Beauchemin, the godfather of data engineering, shares his predictions for the future of the modern data stack.

How to Make Data Anomaly Resolution Less Cartoonish

Fixing broken data doesn’t have to be a game of whack-a-mole. Here’s how to speed up your data incident resolution…

New Feature Recap: Data Lakehouse Support, Anomalous Row Distribution Monitors, and More! 

Highlighting Monte Carlo's latest product releases, including data lakehouse support, and anomalous row distribution monitors.

You Can’t Out-Architect Bad Data

Even with the most well-designed data platforms, systems will break. Without some measure of observability, you’re playing with fire.

5 Ways To Ensure High Functioning Data Engineering Teams 

5 strategies for leading productive data teams and doing meaningful work.

Data Quality Monitoring – You’re Doing It Wrong

Monitoring just your “important” data only gets you so far. Here’s a better approach.

What is Data Discovery: Definitions & Overview

Data discovery is about surfacing relevant context and metadata across data sets so they can be easily found and effectively…

5 Steps to Operationalizing Data Observability with Monte Carlo

Driving early value with your new data observability platform doesn't have to be difficult. We share 5 tips for driving…

Daniel Kahneman and Nate Silver to Headline IMPACT: The Data Observability Summit

Other speakers include the CEOs and co-founders of Databricks, Confluent, and dbt Labs, as well as leaders at The New…

How to Build Data Products Your Company Will Actually Use

It takes more than a pretty dashboard to become data-driven. Afua Bruce, former Chief Program Officer at DataKind, shares how.

A Data Engineer’s Guide to Building Reliable Systems

Over the years, I’ve helped companies of all sizes build and maintain data systems—from my days as a data engineer…

Monte Carlo and dbt Labs Announce Partnership to Help Analytics Engineering Teams Achieve More Reliable Data

When it comes to trusting your data, Monte Carlo, the creator of the data observability category, and…

7 Steps for Building a Successful Data Team at Your Startup

When you’re the first data hire at a startup, the sky’s the limit—and that can be incredibly overwhelming. Who do…

Data Observability First, Data Catalog Second. Here’s Why.

You can’t realize the full value of a data catalog without observability. Here’s why.

The Proactive Data Quality Metric You’re Not Using But Should

How to calculate data uptime and why it's the predictive data quality metric data engineers must start using.

Data Engineers Spend Two Days Per Week Firefighting Bad Data, Data Quality Survey Says

Check out the results from our 2022 data quality survey and benchmark your data quality practices against 300 of your…

Monte Carlo and Databricks Partner to Help Companies Build More Reliable Data Lakehouses

Learn more about the Monte Carlo-Databricks partnership and how it brings end-to-end data observability and data quality automation tools to…

How We’re Implementing a Data Mesh at Sanne Group

Sanne Group's Head of Engineering shares his data mesh implementation plan and how they plan to adopt its four key…

Data Contracts and 4 Other Ways to Overcome Schema Changes

There are virtually an unlimited number of ways data can break.  It could be a bad JOIN statement, an untriggered…

Using the Airflow ShortCircuitOperator to Stop Bad Data From Reaching ETL Pipelines 

See how to leverage the Airflow ShortCircuitOperator to create data circuit breakers to prevent bad data from reaching your data…

Snowflake Data Mesh: Ensure Reliable Data with Data Observability

Here’s how Snowflake and Monte Carlo are working together to help data teams realize the potential of the data mesh…

How to Measure the Success of Your Data Team

It’s one thing to build a data team, but how do you measure it? We spoke with Jacob Follis at…

Monte Carlo Achieves Snowflake Premier Partner Status to Help Companies Accelerate the Adoption of Reliable Data 

With over 70 mutual customers, Monte Carlo becomes the first data observability provider to achieve Snowflake Premier Partner status.

Is “Self-Service” Data’s Biggest Lie?

Self-serve systems are a big priority for data leaders and a principle of nearly every modern data strategy, but what…

How to Set KPIs for Your Data Team

Six critical steps to setting the right KPIs for your data team - all while keeping a steady pulse on…

7 Lessons From GoCardless’ Implementation of Data Contracts

Learn how to implement data contracts and other data quality best practices based on the experience from senior data engineering…

Monte Carlo Announces Delta Lake, Unity Catalog Integrations To Bring End-to-End Data Observability to Databricks

To help organizations realize the full potential of their data lake and lakehouse investments, Monte Carlo, the data observability leader,…

Managing Big Data Quality And 4 Reasons To Go Smaller

Get proven strategies for managing big data quality and learn why, when it comes to big data quality, bigger isn't…

How to Build a Culture of Data Trust: A Conversation with Hilary Mason

We sat down with Hilary Mason, former GM of Machine Learning at Cloudera and co-founder of HackNY, to learn more…

Snowflake Summit 2022: For Customers, Less Than 25 Percent of Data Actually Lives on the Cloud

We surveyed over 200 data leaders at Snowflake Summit about how they're leveraging data in the cloud. Here's what we…

Snowflake Summit 2022 Keynote Recap: Disrupting Data Application Development in the Cloud

A view from the 10th row on Unistore, Python in Snowpark, and more exciting announcements from SFDC leadership.

Snowflake Observability and 4 Reasons Data Teams Should Invest In It

Snowflake is a gamechanger for your data strategy. With the right approach to Snowflake observability, you can unlock its full…

Building An External Data Product Is Different. Trust Me. (but read this anyway)

Developing an external data product is different, and let's face it harder, than serving internal customers. We dive into 5…

Measure The Impact Of Your Data Platform With These Metrics

Your team launched a new data platform. Great! How do you know it’s working?…

Building Spark Lineage For Data Lakes

Spark lineage has been a blindspot for the data engineering industry so we set off to engineer a solution. Here's…

How Monte Carlo and Snowflake Gave Vimeo a “Get Out Of Jail Free” Card For Data Fire Drills

See how Snowflake and Monte Carlo helped Vimeo achieve world-class data reliability on a massive scale.

Monte Carlo’s Series D and the Future of Data Observability

When it comes to building a category, it’s all about your customers. Here's our vision for the future of reliable…

Monte Carlo Raises $135M Series D to Accelerate the Rapid Growth of the Data Observability Category

Monte Carlo's latest round signals their commitment to bringing reliable data to companies everywhere.

Introducing the Next Class of Data Reliability Pioneers

A new wave of companies are adopting end-to-end data observability. Here are their stories. …

Data Stewards Have The Worst Seat At The Table

Data stewards have an impossible job. Here’s why and what we can do to empower them.

The Ultimate Guide To Data Lineage

Data lineage is a must-have feature of the modern data stack, yet we're struggling to derive value from it. Here's…

Tableau Field-level Lineage: A Data Analyst’s Dream Come True

We have extended coverage all the way to Tableau workbooks to better understand field-level relationships across the warehouse and BI…

Monte Carlo Named One of the Best Places to Work in the Bay Area for 2022

Monte Carlo was named the 6th Best Place to Work in the Bay Area for small businesses by Silicon Valley…

3 Simple Steps For Snowflake Cost Optimization Without Getting Too Crazy

Snowflake cost optimization efforts need to be right sized. Read how to get the most savings without investing too much time…

Are DataOps Frameworks the Future Of the Modern Data Stack?

As data needs scale, teams need to start prioritizing reliability. Here’s why DataOps might be the answer—and how you can…

4 Native Snowflake Data Quality Checks & Features You Should Know

The bad news? Data breaks. The good news? These 4 Snowflake data quality checks & features can help!…

Don’t Make a Schema Change Before Answering These Five Questions

Not all schema changes are equal. Here is what to ask yourself before pushing your code off to production.

Is Modern Data Warehouse Architecture Broken? 

The modern data warehouse architecture creates problems across many layers. Consider instead an immutable data warehouse for scale and usability.

5 Ways to Improve Data Quality with the New Monte Carlo Data Quality Trends Dashboard

The new Monte Carlo Dashboard incorporates data and visualization to provide actionable insights to users across data teams.

Vanquish Toil: 9 Data Engineering Processes Ripe For Automation

Data engineers must automate to survive. Especially these 9 data engineering processes.

Circuit Breakers: A New Way to Automatically Stop Broken Data Pipelines and Avoid Backfilling Costs

Monte Carlo launches Circuit Breakers to help data teams automatically stop broken data pipelines and avoid costly backfills.

Monte Carlo Announces Release of Observability Platform for Locally Sourced, Small-Batch Data

If you are part of the new wave of data engineers who are nostalgic for data platforms the way they…

You Have More Data Quality Issues Than You Think 

On average, companies experience one data issue for every 15 tables in their warehouse. Here are 8 reasons why and…

The Cost of Bad Data Has Gone Up. Here Are 8 Reasons Why.

The rising cost of bad data and poor data quality has nothing to do with inflation and everything to do…

Data Observability Doesn’t Just Create Savings – It Drives Revenue, Too

If you think the benefits of data observability stop at cost cutting or avoiding bad outcomes, you’re only looking at…

What Good Data Product Managers Do – And Why You Probably Need One

A data product manager is responsible for data democratization and increasing the time to value for the data itself.

Treat Your Data Like An Engineering Problem: An Interview with Snowflake Director of Product Management Chris Child

Snowflake Director of Product Management Chris Child talks about the role of data observability solutions in the modern data stack…

Monte Carlo Named To Enterprise Tech 30 For Second Consecutive Year

Sponsored by Wing Ventures and Nasdaq, the prestigious award honors the best enterprise technology startups.

Data Observability for Developers: Announcing Monte Carlo’s Python SDK

Our Python SDK gives data engineers programmatic access to Monte Carlo to augment our platform’s lineage, cataloging, and monitoring functionalities.

Monte Carlo Data Observability Insights Now Available in the Snowflake Data Marketplace

Easily access data quality and usage metrics directly from your Snowflake environment with Monte Carlo.

eBook: The Modern Data Leader’s Playbook

Learn how top data leaders scale their teams, tech, and processes to meet the needs of the modern business.

Monte Carlo Announces dbt Core Integration to Help Companies Ship Reliable Data Faster

When it comes to achieving reliable data, Monte Carlo, the leading data observability platform and dbt, the data build tool,…

Announcing Monte Carlo’s End-to-End Field-Level Lineage to Help Teams Achieve Data Reliability

Monte Carlo’s field-level lineage functionality is now offered as part of our automated, end-to-end data observability platform. …

Unicorns, data mesh, category creation, and more reasons to attend IMPACT: The Data Observability Summit

Five reasons why you should attend IMPACT, the world's first Data Observability summit on Wednesday, November 3, 2021.

Announcing O’Reilly’s Data Quality Fundamentals

Available today, Data Quality Fundamental's press release chapters dive into how some of the best teams are architecting for data…

4 Reasons Why I Joined Monte Carlo’s Data Science Team

Considering joining a data startup? Learn how and why Ryan Kearns turned his Monte Carlo internship into a job.

Data Observability: Five Quick Ways to Improve the Reliability of Your Data

Five common data observability use cases and how they can help your team improve data quality at scale and trust…

Bob Muglia, former Snowflake CEO, to Speak at IMPACT, the World’s First Data Observability Summit

Muglia will join the first Chief Data Scientist of the U.S., the founder of the data mesh, and the creator…

Reverse ETL and Data Observability: Solving Data’s “Last Mile” Problem

How Reverse ETL and Data Observability can help teams go the extra mile when it comes to trusting your data…

What is a Data Incident Commander?

How data teams can build more resilient incident workflows with DevOps best practices.

How Vimeo Achieved End-to-End Visibility in Snowflake and Looker with Monte Carlo

Learn why the the data engineering team at Vimeo chose to partner with Monte Carlo for data observability.

Monte Carlo Raises Series C, Brings Funding to $101M to Help Companies Trust Their Data

Monte Carlo’s Series C highlights the rapid growth of the Data Observability category, our industry-defining customer adoption, and global expansion.

Celebrating the New Pioneers of Data Reliability

How today’s data leaders are prioritizing data trust and reliability at their companies.

The Weekly ETL: How Do You “Thin Slice” a Data Pipeline?

In Monte Carlo’s Weekly ETL (Explanations Through Lior) series, Lior Gavish, Monte Carlo’s co-founder, and CTO answers a trending question…

Getting Started: Automatic Detection and Alerting for Data Incidents with Monte Carlo

Here’s how data teams get up and running with Monte Carlo to automatically detect and alert on data incidents with…

How The Farmer’s Dog Achieved Rapid ML-Based Anomaly Detection with Monte Carlo

Learn how The Farmer's Dog achieved fully automated anomaly detection out-of-the-box with Monte Carlo.

The Weekly ETL: Will Data Engineering Ever Be Sexy like Data Science?

Data engineers are the backbone of the data team - so why can't they get the respect they deserve?…

Data Quality Solutions: Build or Buy? 4 Things To Know

Investing in a data quality solution? Here's everything you need to know.

Monte Carlo Launches Data Incident Management Feature, Incident IQ, to Help Organizations Achieve Data Trust

With Incident IQ, data teams using Monte Carlo’s Data Observability Platform can now easily and collaboratively identify, alert on, and…

Announcing Monte Carlo’s Incident IQ, a Root Cause Analysis Workflow for Data Teams

How to get started with Incident IQ, Monte Carlo's all-in-one solution for troubleshooting and preventing broken data pipelines.

The Weekly ETL: How Do You Document Your Data Assets?

Lior Gavish, Monte Carlo's co-founder and CTO, answers a trending question on Reddit about some of the data industry's hottest…

The Ultimate Guide to Data Quality

What is data quality and why does it matter?…

Monte Carlo announces integration with Snowflake’s Snowpark developer platform to deliver more secure data monitoring and observability

With Snowpark’s Java UDF support, Monte Carlo makes it faster and more secure for organizations to achieve end-to-end data trust…

A Tale of Baseball and Bad Data: Why I Joined Monte Carlo

I guess data runs in the family. Growing up as a kid in the ‘90s, I distinctly remember my father…

5 Non-Obvious Ways to Make Data Engineers Love Working For You

And how to become a better data leader in the process.

Monte Carlo Expands Leadership Team from Snowflake, Segment to Support Hypergrowth of Data Observability Category

Monte Carlo hires Snowflake, Segment go-to-market leaders to help companies accelerate the adoption of trustworthy and reliable data.

Scaling Data Trust: How Auto Trader Migrated to a Decentralized Data Platform with Monte Carlo

With Data Observability, Auto Trader scaled data trust and ownership across their self-service data platform.

Delivering More Reliable Data Pipelines with PagerDuty and Monte Carlo

As more companies rely on more data to drive their product development and strategic decision making, it’s never been more…

Monte Carlo and PagerDuty Integration Brings DevOps to Data Pipelines with End-to-End Data Observability

Monte Carlo's PagerDuty integration helps data engineering teams achieve greater visibility into the end-to-end health of their data pipelines.

How to Meet Your Data Reliability OKRs with Monte Carlo’s Service-Level Indicators (SLIs)

Set data quality OKRs and achieve greater data trust with Monte Carlo's new SLIs.

Announcing the 2021 Data Platform Trends Report

Building a data platform? We've got you covered.

Monte Carlo Brings Data Observability to Data Lakes with New Databricks Integration

Monte Carlo's new Databricks integration allows data teams to achieve end-to-end observability and automated lineage across their data lake environments.

Blinkist Chooses Monte Carlo to Deliver More Reliable Data Pipelines Through Data Observability

Blinkist saves 120 hours of engineering time per week with Monte Carlo.

How AutoTrader built a more reliable data platform with Monte Carlo

Here's how Ed Kent, Principal Developer at Auto Trader UK, is scaling his team's data platform with reliability and trust…

How to Extract Snowflake Data Observability Metrics Using SQL in 5 Steps

Monitor the health of your Snowflake data pipelines with these 7 queries to extract Snowflake data observability metrics.

Monte Carlo Named a Best Workplace for 2021 By Inc. Magazine

The Data Observability leader was also recognized as a winner in the On the Rise category of emerging companies…

How to Conduct Data Incident Management for Data Teams

Conduct data incident management with 4 simple steps to identify, root cause, and fix data quality issues at scale.

Delivering End-to-End Data Trust with Snowflake and Monte Carlo

With Monte Carlo and Snowflake’s strategic partnership, teams can finally trust their data through end-to-end Data Observability.

Monte Carlo and Snowflake partner to help organizations achieve more trustworthy data

Monte Carlo’s Data Observability platform gives Snowflake customers added confidence that their data is reliable and trustworthy.

How Resident Reduced Data Issues by 90% with Monte Carlo

With Data Observability, the Data Engineering team at Resident reduced their data downtime by 90% percent.

The Data Engineer & Scientist’s Guide To Root Cause Analysis for Data Quality Issues

Introducing a five-step engineering root cause analysis approach used by some of the best data engineering and data science teams…

Building a Better Data Culture: An Interview with ThoughtSpot’s Cindi Howson

We sat down with Cindi Howson, Chief Data Strategy Officer at ThoughtSpot about common challenges organizations face on the road…

5 Reasons Data Discovery Platforms Are Best For Data Lakes

Here are 5 reasons why using a data discovery platform is a better alternative to data catalogs to ensure your…

5 Things Every Data Engineer Needs to Know About Data Observability

With data observability, data engineers can think more strategically about tackling the "good pipelines, bad data" problem.

[VIDEO] How Resident Drives Data Observability with Monte Carlo

When it comes to trusting your data, having end-to-end Data Observability across your stack is critical. Daniel Rimon, Head of…

Data Software-as-a-Service: The Case for a Hybrid Deployment Architecture

With the combined benefits of on-prem security and SaaS convenience, data and ML vendors with a hybrid deployment architecture give…

You’re Not Realizing the Full Value of Your Company’s Data

How to overcome five non-obvious roadblocks on your journey to data analytics excellence.

Data Observability in Practice: Data Monitoring at Scale with SQL and Machine Learning

How to make your own data observability monitors from scratch and leverage basic principles of machine learning to apply them…

Monte Carlo Launches Chief Data Officer Advisory Board

Monte Carlo's CDO Advisory Board will help us better serve customers on their journeys to data trust and pioneer the…

Why Production Machine Learning Fails — And How To Fix It

Discussing applications of ML in theory is much different than actually applying ML models at scale in production. Here's the…

Monte Carlo is SOC 2 Certified

Monte Carlo’s SOC 2-certification takes our commitment to security and privacy one step further for customers.

The New Rules of Data Quality

Unit testing your data only gets you so far. Here’s a better way to manage data quality at scale.

Monte Carlo Recognized as a 2021 Enterprise Tech 30 Company

Monte Carlo was named a leader in data by the 2021 Enterprise Tech 30 list. Here's why.

Data Observability: How Blinkist Prevents Broken Data Pipelines at Scale with Monte Carlo

Here’s how the data engineering team at Blinkist, a book-summarizing subscription service, saves 120 hours per week and increases revenue…

Data Observability: How to Build Your Own Data Anomaly Detectors Using SQL

How to use metadata to understand the root cause of data anomalies and take your data quality testing to the…

Monte Carlo Raises $25M Series B to Help Companies Achieve More Reliable Data

Monte Carlo announces $25M Series B funding round to help companies achieve more reliable data through data observability.

Why You Need to Set SLAs for Your Data Pipelines

How to set expectations around data quality and reliability for your company…

[VIDEO] How Blinkist Increases Marketing ROI with Data Observability and Monte Carlo

For Blinkist, a global book insights subscription service, broken data pipelines led to unreliable marketing spend, costly data fire drills,…

How To Convert 100% of Your Proofs of Concept into Happy Customers

How Monte Carlo's approach to "treating prospects like your best customers" leads to successful PoCs and better happier users.

How to Solve the “You’re Using THAT Table?!” Problem

How to keep track of your data warehouse's most critical table and reports…

Monte Carlo Raises $16M to Build the World’s First Data Reliability Platform

With customers such as Compass, Eventbrite, and Mindbody, Monte Carlo is spearheading the Data Reliability category and delivering end-to-end Data…

Data Observability Tools: Data Engineering’s Next Frontier

To keep pace with data’s clock speed of innovation, data engineers need to invest in data observability, the next frontier…

How BlaBlaCar Reduced Data Incident Time to Resolution by 100+ Hours Per Quarter with Monte Carlo

As part of their data mesh migration, the carpooling company’s data engineering team unlocked unprecedented levels of productivity through decentralization,…

Driving Customer Impact with Product Design at Monte Carlo

Considering a role in product design at a SaaS startup? Matthew Stevens, a member of Monte Carlo's product design team,…

How to Quickly Connect Power BI to Snowflake

Power BI Desktop connects to Snowflake easily in much the same way that all other data sources are connected. Here’s…

What Is A DataOps Engineer? Skills, Salary, & How to Become One

There’s a ton of flexibility around how people end up in DataOps. While there's no direct academic (or career) path,…