Case Studies

[VIDEO] How Blinkist Increases Marketing ROI with Data Observability and Monte Carlo

Will Robins

Will Robins is a member of the founding team at Monte Carlo.

For Blinkist, a global book insights subscription service, broken data pipelines led to unreliable marketing spend, costly data fire drills, and loss of executive trust. When COVID-19 hit, they realized the growth of their company was being hindered by bad data. They needed a way to automatically identify, resolve, and prevent data quality issues before they affected the business – in other words, they needed data observability.

In this demo, see how modern data teams like Blinkist are using Monte Carlo and data observability to: 

  • Grow ROI of marketing and analytics with stable data operations
  • Meet reliability SLAs for critical data assets
  • Set up data downtime dashboards to track improvement

Blinkist’s Director of Engineering, Gopi Krishnamurthy, shares how they’re scaling data observability across their cloud data warehouse, business intelligence analytics, and beyond to increase ROI on their data.