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The Ultimate Guide to Snowflake Data Cloud Summit 2024

Lindsay MacDonald

Lindsay is a Content Marketing Manager at Monte Carlo.

Can you believe Snowflake Summit is almost here? Time really flies when you’re living in the GenAI hype cycle.

If you’ll be at Snowflake Summit in San Francisco June 3-6 and you haven’t planned your daily schedule yet, never fear. We bookmarked the can’t miss moments for you.

Read on to learn the speaking sessions we’re most excited about, the giveaways on the conference floor that are actually pretty cool, and the after-parties you don’t want to miss. See you there!

(PS, be sure to book a meeting with our team at the event to find out what’s happening with Monte Carlo and pick up some new swag!)

Day 1: June 3rd

The first day of Snowflake Summit is always electric. We’re surrounded by tons of data people, data conversation, and data keynotes to kick us all off. Here are the speaking sessions and after-hours events we’re most looking forward to (or hosting!). Be sure to add them all to your calendar and register ahead of time. 

Sessions we’re excited for

1:30-2:15pm: How Cisco’s Domain-Driven Data and Analytics Powers Business Transformation: Nilesh Kulkarni, VP of Data & Analytics at Cisco will be discussing Cisco’s journey to build a data domain-led organization to deliver accurate, timely and governed data for higher levels of customer satisfaction. He’ll also share his experience building a common Snowflake data service across multiple business units serving enterprise, business line data products, and Cisco acquisitions seamlessly using Snowflake and its ecosystem of tools to improve data quality and reliability. Find more info about the session here.

3:00-3:45pm: How PayNearMe Leverages Snowflake’s Partner Ecosystem to Ensure Data Quality and Quiet the Noise: Dustin Shoup, Data Architect of Engineering at PayNearMe, will discuss how his team leverages Snowflake’s technology partners to monitor his team’s entire environment from source to destination, quiet the upstream and downstream noise, and ultimately provide his clients with the insight they need to make more informed business decisions. Join to learn his approach to building a robust data platform, and how his approach to monitoring for data quality can help you identify problems before they wreak havoc on your pipelines. Find more info about the session here.

5:00-6:15pm: Opening Keynote: Snowflake CEO, Sridhar Ramaswamy, will discuss the impact AI has had across every organization and how the Snowflake AI Data Cloud is helping to accelerate enterprise AI. Then, in a CEO fireside conversation, Sridhar together with NVIDIA Founder and CEO, Jensen Huang, will discuss what the future holds in this new AI era. Then, Snowflake CMO, Denise Persson, will be joined by industry leaders to discuss their organizations’ data initiatives and the successes and challenges of driving impact with data and AI. It’ll be a great kickoff for a week of exciting data and AI conversations. Find more info about the session here.

Day 2: June 4th

I’m going to let you in on a secret: the second day of Snowflake Summit is going to feature some pretty exciting activations on the conference floor. Read on and mark your calendars for the events (and drinks) you don’t want to miss. 

Sessions we’re excited for

3:00-3:20pm: Sub-Zero’s Journey to a Modern Manufacturing Line with Advanced Data Solutions: Justin Swenson, Data, Analytics & AI Governance Lead at Sub-Zero, will outline the integral role Sub-Zero’s data team is playing in modernizing Sub-Zero’s manufacturing line. He will delve into the team’s meticulous definition of essential data metrics, their unwavering commitment to data quality, and the innovative processes and data tech stack on Snowflake that is propelling Sub-Zero into the next phase of its data journey. Find more info about the session here.

3:00-3:45pm: Beyond the Headlines: How CNN Builds Data Trust and Reliability: Zachary Lancaster, Engineering Manager at Warner Bros Discovery will share how his data team has doubled down on building data trust and reliability. He’ll report his team’s efforts to optimize customer targeting and personalization efforts, leveraging high-quality data and AI to activate CNN’s audience; their approach to democratize data; and the impact of data observability on achieving high levels of data reliability and data trust. Find more info about the session here

Events we’re excited for

4:00-6:00pm: Blue margaritas at Booth #1515! You heard that right! For a limited time only, we’ll be serving blue margaritas at the Monte Carlo booth. Mark that in your calendars now, because there’s nothing like ending your day with a refreshingly cool drink – and maybe some refreshingly cool data conversation too. 

8:00-11:00pm: Data Oasis Virtual Reality Happy Hour: We’re really excited to host a different kind of happy hour event at the Sandbox VR studio! Make sure you join us and our partners at Atlan, Satori, dbt Labs, Airbyte, and Dagster for a night of virtual reality experiences, great food and drinks, and conversations with peers in the data space. Register here.

Day 3: June 5th

On the third day of Snowflake Summit, the real fun begins. Don’t miss the speaking sessions, and then after the event, be sure to register for two unforgettable afterparties: wine tasting at Jax Winery and a night of dancing at Temple Nightclub. 

Sessions we’re excited for

2:30-2:50pm: The Only Real Moat for Generative AI: Trusted Data: Shameless plug! Don’t miss Barr Moses, Co-Founder and CEO of Monte Carlo, as she explains how data trust can be baked into your team’s GenAI strategy from day one with the right infrastructure, team structure, SLAs and KPIs, and more to successfully drive value and get your AI pipelines off the ground. Add this session to your calendar here.

Events we’re excited for

6:00-9:00pm: Data Uncorked: Indulge in an evening dedicated to the finer things in life—wine, wisdom, and wonderful company at Jax Winery! This exclusive event, hosted by Monte Carlo and Alation, features a panel discussing the significance of data quality and data observability in extracting the utmost value from AI technologies, as well as fine food and wine all night. Register here to save your spot. 

9:00pm-1:00am: Electric Data Carnival: Pack your dancing shoes – we’re ending the night at Temple Nightclub with the after-party everyone will be talking about. Join us and our partners at Census, Materialize, Snowplow, Airbyte, Sigma Computing, Atlan, Cube, and OneSix for an unforgettable night of good music and great people. Secure your spot here.

Day 4: June 6th

We’re closing out the last day of Snowflake Summit with a killer speaking session you don’t want to miss.

Sessions we’re excited for

11:00-11:45am: How SurveyMonkey Increased Snowflake Workloads by 475% With Only a 27% Increase in Credit Usage: Sri Subramanian, Director of Data Engineering at SurveyMonkey, will share the tech stack his team leverages to power their query optimization efforts, with Snowflake at the foundation. He’ll walk through how his team expanded data pipelines to meet the growing demand for data with efficiency in mind, and re-architected their data flows to increase efficiency. The result? A 475% increase in Snowflake jobs with only a 27% increase in credit use. Find more info about the session here.

Post-Summit Fun

We can’t wait to see you at the Snowflake Summit, but the data fun doesn’t stop once the event ends. Check out our upcoming webinars to learn more about how data observability can help Snowflake customers deliver reliable data at scale. 

And don’t forget to set up a meeting with our team to find out what data observability can do for your critical data assets.

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