Monte Carlo Recognized as a 2021 Enterprise Tech 30 Company

We’re excited to share that Monte Carlo was today named to the third-annual 2021 Enterprise Tech 30, a prestigious list of early-stage, mid-stage, and late-stage private companies identified by top VC and analysts as the most promising in enterprise tech. 

Organized by Wing Venture Capital, the Enterprise Tech 30 considers over 15,000 companies each year for this celebrated award, narrowing it down to just 30. Participants in the voting process include over 100 venture capitalists and 20 corporate development teams tasked with choosing the most promising venture-backed companies based on market momentum, customer adoption, and other factors.

Monte Carlo’s inclusion in this year’s list speaks to the rapid growth and enthusiasm around the data observability category, as well as the market’s need for trustworthy data.

“It has always been our mission at Wing to shine a light on what is happening in the enterprise technology sector, what trends are shaping the industry, and the companies driving those trends,” said Peter Wagner, Founder Partner, Wing VC. “It’s important to identify the next generation of companies.”

In the data industry, the list frequently includes organizations primed to chart the course for their layer of the modern data stack. In addition to Monte Carlo, former and current data companies in the Enterprise Tech 30 include Snowflake, Looker, Databricks, and Fivetran. 

We’re excited to join the ranks of these great companies and continue charting the course for reliable data! 

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