How Monte Carlo’s New Jira Integration Streamlines Incident Management Workflows

Monte Carlo Jira Integration

Tim Osborn

Tim is a content creator at Monte Carlo who writes about data quality, technology, and snacks—occasionally in that order.

At Monte Carlo, our goal is always to build and support integrations that elevate our customer’s existing data engineering workflows. We don’t want to reinvent the wheel—we want to help your existing wheels spin faster. 

So, when you asked for a Jira integration to support your existing ticketing workflows, our team got to work.

And they didn’t disappoint. Introducing Jira Incident Reporting—our brand new integration that streamlines ticketing and incident management for Jira users. 

Management and alerting—right where your teams work

So, why a Jira integration? Normally, when a data quality incident occurs, Monte Carlo users can easily manage their workflows with just a few targeted features—like automated incident alerts in Slack or Microsoft Teams to inform stakeholders, and workflow management tools like severity levels and owners to coordinate remediation.

But if you know one thing about data, it’s that quality issues aren’t always normal. Sometimes large-scale data incidents might impact a wider cohort of stakeholders or take longer than typical to triage and remediate. In those instances, you may want to document and manage that workflow in an existing cross-functional system instead, either for more intentional collaboration or a more hands-on workflow.

That’s where our new Jira integration comes in. 

Schema changes in Snowflake

How our JIRA integration works

With this latest integration, users will be able to seamlessly create and share tickets in Jira based on the data quality incidents discovered by Monte Carlo. Just like in your Jira workflows, you’ll be able to set a Project, a Ticket Type, and a description summary, all tied to your corresponding Monte Carlo incident URL for easy reference during the triage and remediation process.

By elevating your existing workflows, our Jira integration is designed to make  incident detection more actionable, helping you not only discover quality issues faster than ever—but solve them faster than ever, too.

Schema changes snowflake jira integration

The Jira integration is compatible with Jira Software Cloud and included with the Monte Carlo Platform at no additional cost. For current Monte Carlo users, you can find the latest Jira integration via the Integrations Settings page. For more info on setup, check out our documentation page or reach out to the Monte Carlo team for support.  

Spend less time firefighting and more time delivering the data products your stakeholders love.

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