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Monte Carlo Recognized as the #1 Data Observability Platform by G2 for Fifth Quarter in a Row

#1 data observability platform

Sydney Nielsen

Sydney is Monte Carlo's customer marketing manager. When she's not obsessing over customer happiness, she's playing with her cat, Frieda, sewing, or chasing after her daughter.

Product review site G2 is powered by peer-to-peer ratings and reviews — capturing the feedback of real customers who rely on these tools to get their jobs done and drive their businesses forward. So we’re excited and honored to share that, for the fifth consecutive quarter, Monte Carlo has been named G2’s #1 Data Observability Platform.

We’re so proud that our customers recognize our team’s hard work in prioritizing time-value, customer success, and robust integrations across the modern data stack. Badges are nice, but the knowledge that our efforts help our customers operationalize data reliability workflows at scale and deliver meaningful business outcomes is the greatest reward.

In the Summer 2024 awards, we won both #1 in the entire Data Observability category and #1 in the Best Relationship in Database Monitoring category, along with 16 additional awards — including Momentum Leader in DataOps Platforms and Leader in Database Monitoring, Enterprise and EMEA. 

Our rave reviews keep coming because we never stop listening to customer feedback and working to improve user experiences. Over the last few months, that includes launching new features like: 

  • Data Products to proactively monitor the performance of crucial data products, including upstream data sources and pipelines
  • Support for the ever-changing number of table formats, from legacy formats to new open formats like Iceberg, Delta Live, and Dynamic

We’re also committed to providing ongoing support that helps our customers stay on the forefront of best practices in data quality. Just recently, we shared insights in our 2024 State of AI Survey to help teams understand how to stay competitive in a rapidly changing technical landscape. And our award-winning support team provides strategic guidance to assist data teams in improving outcomes and building data trust throughout the organization.

For example, Sub Zero Group Data Governance program leader Justin Swenson credits Monte Carlo with streamlining incident management and giving valuable time back to data engineers. “Our centralized data team lives in dbt and leverages those alerts, but they no longer need to build out custom dbt tests in every model,” says Justin. “They’re learning that Monte Carlo can handle the task and keep their quality checks in one tool. It’s also been helpful for maintaining quality levels and institutional knowledge as we’ve onboarded new data engineering team members.”

At reverse logistics and recycling company Eureciclo, Data Manager André Gonzales has seen Monte Carlo’s data observability platform improve organization and processes around incident resolution — and help prevent future data quality issues altogether. “Before Monte Carlo, we wouldn’t have visibility into exactly where the incident occurred so ownership over its resolution wasn’t as clear,” says André. “Now, each team will use Monte Carlo to create a JIRA ticket and document the incident so the same mistake isn’t made twice.”

We also understand that our platform only works as well as it plays with others — so we’re committed to supporting our customers’ entire data stack. Monte Carlo operates as a premier Snowflake Horizon Partner and supports our shared customers as a Snowflake native app

And in addition to these exciting G2 awards, we’ve been recognized as a Leader in the GigaOm Radar for Data Observability, and named as Exemplary in the Ventana Research Buyers Guide: Data Observability.

But our G2 recognition, based on our own customers’ reviews and feedback, means everything. Here are the 18 awards we’re celebrating:

  1. #1 Overall, Data Observability
  2. Best Relationship in Database Monitoring, Enterprise
  3. Leader in Database Monitoring
  4. Leader in Database Monitoring, Enterprise
  5. Leader in DataOps Platforms
  6. Leader in Mid-Market Database Monitoring, Europe Regional
  7. Leader in Mid-Market Database Monitoring, EMEA
  8. Leader in Europe Regional Grid for Database Monitoring
  9. Leader in Mid-Market Grid for Database Monitoring
  10. Leader in Asia Pacific Regional Grid for Data Observability
  11. Leader in Enterprise EMEA Regional for Database Monitoring
  12. Leader in EMEA Regional for Database Monitoring
  13. Leader in Asia Regional for Data Observability
  14. Momentum Leader in Database Monitoring
  15. Momentum Leader in DataOps Platforms
  16. High Performer in Asia Regional for Database Monitoring
  17. High Performer in India Regional for Database Monitoring
  18. High Performer Asia Pacific Regional for Database Monitoring

Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out what our customers have to say in our G2 reviews: 

Monte Carlo is proud to be named G2's #1 data observability platform for Summer 2024.

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