eBook: The Modern Data Leader’s Playbook

Learn how today’s best data engineering and analytics leaders are staying ahead of the competition in our exclusive guide.

In 2022, every company is a data company.

Organizations across industries have access to—and have come to rely on—a tidal wave of proprietary and third-party data. At the same time, the complexity of data sources, pipelines, and workflows is increasing. 

This emerging, constantly-changing environment requires a comprehensive, well-resourced data engineering and analytics team that can tackle challenges and seize new opportunities.

While much has been written about the technical skills required to succeed as a data engineer or analyst, very few resources exist to help data managers, directors, and other leaders set their teams up for success. 

In this playbook, we’ll walk you through how to do just that with expert insights from data leaders at PagerDuty, Uber, and other data-first companies.

Among other best practices, we’ll discuss the tooling requirements, team-building strategies, and cultural best practices that influence this role, and we’ll share how some of the best data leaders are tackling organizational growth at scale.