Monte Carlo Launches Roadshow to Educate Children About Data Observability

SAN FRANCISCO, April 1, 2023 (PR NEWSWIRE) – Monte Carlo Data, creator of the data observability category, announced its first-ever brand mascot, “Billi the Observabili-Bear,” with an elementary school roadshow to educate future data engineers about the dangers of data downtime.

“Billi’s Observability Bonanza,” developed in partnership with California Public Schools, aims to teach children between the ages of 5 and 12 about the importance of data reliability and how a proactive approach to data observability can guard their pipelines against bad data.

“Here at Monte Carlo, we believe any child could be a future data leader. And because of that, we want to arm our children with the tools they need to drive end-to-end data reliability at scale. We’re also adding their information to Salesforce so that our sales team will know who to contact in the future,” said Daniel Day, Head of Marketing at Monte Carlo.

The 10-city school tour kicked off at Santa Cruz Gardens Elementary on Friday where Billi could be seen explaining the risks of schema changes with the help of his handy teaching aid, Sammy the Schema Snake.

“Don’t take candy from strangers. Don’t use internet chat rooms. And don’t trust data tests to detect and resolve schema changes,” said Billi.

In addition to a deep dive into some of the most common data quality issues, the presentation included an overview of the Five Pillars of Data Observability, as well as a crash course in ML-enabled anomaly detection and its impact on time-to-value over manual SQL queries.

At the end of the presentation children were invited to create their own data quality puppets. 

“As parents, we’re so diligent to teach our children about the unknowns lurking out in the world, but we forget to educate them about the unknown unknown anomalies lurking right inside our data pipelines. That’s really why we launched this program,” Barr Moses, CEO and co-founder of Monte Carlo. 

Just one day into the tour, the program has been met with praise from students and parents alike. Speaking about the benefits of the new program, Ashley Heiser, a mother in the Santa Cruz school district said, “Huh? Oh no, I didn’t know that was happening at all. That’s really weird.” 

Hannah Anderson, a third grader at Santa Cruz Gardens said, “It was the most bored I’ve been since my mom ran into our neighbor at Whole Foods.”

And fifth grader Jason White even shared a personal story from his experience with the observabili-bear. “I told Billi my dad was a data engineer and that he thinks manual SQL tests are enough to monitor his Snowflake warehouse. Now he won’t stop sending me ebooks.”

Billi even made a special appearance at a local pre-school to take pictures, share Monte Carlo-branded pens, and talk about the challenges of implementing a self-service data-architecture without an accessible end-to-end data quality solution. 

When asked how he felt about the new Monte Carlo mascot and what this all might mean for his own career trajectory, three-year old Josh Coulson simply responded, “Ryan took my blocks.”

The roadshow will continue on April 3, 2023 when Billi will be outside a charter school in Sacramento rambling about data silos.

Interested in learning about data observability? Don’t wait for the roadshow to come to town. Schedule a demo with one of our data quality experts and find out how Monte Carlo can stop Ryan from stealing your blocks. 

And in case it wasn’t obvious by now…April Fools.